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Congratulations to This Year's LATM Outstanding  Teacher Finalists


2015 LATM Outstanding

Elementary School Math Teacher

Amanda Mire

St. Rose Elementary School


Emily DeLatin

Claiborne Fundamental Magnet

Kathy Parenti

RJ Vial Elementary School


2015 LATM Outstanding

Middle School Math Teacher

Emily Moran

Woodlawn Middle School


Lana Duvall

Krotz Springs Elementary School

Lindsey Weeks

 JB Martin Middle School

2015 LATM Outstanding

High School Math Teacher

Mark Landry

 Runnels High School



Jana Panos

CE Byrd High School

2015 LATM Outstanding

New Math Teacher

Whitney Saucier

Parkway High School



Ashley Atkins

Oil City Magnet School

Taffy Sexton

 Bains Elementary School

2015 LATM Outstanding

Math Educator

David Thomas

 Centenary College


Karen Matthews

Runnels High School

Mandi Wolfe

 Winnfield Primary School


Why Louisiana Struggles with Math and What Can be Done to Change It

A Report by

Louisiana Math Teachers

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 2015 LATM Lifetime Service Award Recipient, Carolyn Sessions

Carolyn Sessions (center) with LATM Past President, Jeffrey Weaver, and LATM President, Maryanne Smith


The Lifetime Service to Mathematics Education Award recognizes an LATM member for distinguished service in the field of mathematics education. The award is designed to recognize an LATM member who has made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of math education in mathematics and/or mathematics teaching over a significant period of time.

This award is very select....our expectations are that this recipient will have contributed to mathematics education throughout his/her career.... That's a long time. Let's put this in perspective. What if this person had been working in mathematics, for over forty years?.... 1975.... Many of you would not have been born!  Thirty five years ago ..... Still quite a few not born, but our awardee had already achieved a second degree... Master's degree.... That was only the beginning of feeling that they had more to contribute to education. In that endeavor certification was added in computer science, computer literacy, principal, supervisor of student teaching, Spanish, and secondary mathematics.... Most of that was completed by 1985. Whew! Still a few of you not yet born!

By the time I became a member of LATM in 1990 (I know I still have a few 25 years old in this room) our recipient had been teaching mathematics for over ten years.... During that tenure, this person had already helped to re-invigorate LATM which was an organization that was almost extinct. As president of LATM this person co-chaired the first joint math science conference in 1995 and is co-chairing the 2015 event..... Twenty years later.

Certainly, as I continue to convey what a "lifetime of Service" entails, you have probably figured our recipient is Carolyn Sessions. Carolyn served on the Executive Council of LATM for over 20 years, recently leaving the Council. However, she didn't leave completely, as evidenced by her leadership in this conference. She has been a conference chair or committee chair for several other LATM and joint conference programs. At various times besides serving as the LATM President Carolyn has served as the Newsletter Editor, Department of Ed Representative and State Presidential Awards Coordinator. While she served as the newsletter editor, the LATM Number Line received an award from NCTM for its professionalism and delivery of information to math educators.

Anyone who has worked on Department of Ed Math committees…standards, item review, or score setting, has experienced Carolyn’s leadership and dedication to getting things done and done correctly.  Her role in the development of the state Grade Level Expectations and then the Comprehensive Curriculum was followed by the design  of professional development, the presentations, and finally the re-delivery to teachers and districts for implementation.

Carolyn led the transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics. Most math teachers don't know of her role in developing the summer presentations given throughout the state or that she created the website of "Self-Learning Modules." Her reputation led to leadership roles with the PARCC consortium. Carolyn served as a committee chair during the early meetings of state committees, national gatherings and then with the development of the tests for mathematics. She remained extremely active and dedicated to the process until Louisiana pulled back from its participation.

At the national level as a long time NCTM member, Carolyn has had a major role in multiple NCTM New Orleans Conferences. A member of the Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics, Carolyn was elected secretary of the association and served in a leadership position for multiple terms.  A member of the state Presidential Awards in Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching selection panel Carolyn has served at the invitation of the National Science Foundation on the National Selection Panel. Carolyn was a Presidential awardee herself, although I will not mention the year.

In her time at the Department of Education Carolyn has worked with hundreds of teachers of mathematics and district curriculum staff. Daily she answers questions, finds resources, and assists people in their work to improve math instruction. She is remembered by former students for her classroom instruction and outside club activities. Perhaps most importantly, she is held in high regard by the parents of her former students for her dedication to learning. 

Carolyn is an esteemed educator who truly deserves an honor of Lifetime Achievement in Mathematics for her impressive career that has greatly improved the education of students throughout Louisiana.


Presidential Award for Excellence
in Mathematics and Science Teaching

Congratulations to our

2013 Awardee

for the state of Louisiana in Mathematics

Lerri Cockrell
David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy

2015 Finalists
for the state of Louisiana  in Mathematics

Amanda Lafollette

Mansfield High School

Mansfield, LA

Lorraine Naquin

Larose Cut-Off Middle School

Larose, LA

Donna Patten

West Monroe High School

West Monroe, LA

Darron Underwood

Ouachita Parish High School

Monroe, LA

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